Painting is something to make me lose myself.

i'm a Graphic Designer, a Musician and a Painter. This is the place where you can find portions of my work.
Please do not hesitate to contact if you are interested in my work..

Recent Work

the lost city

100x70 oil on canvas


200x100 oil on canvas

Aleister Crowley

24x30 oil on canvas


160x70 oil on canvas


100x100 oil on canvas

Trip with a train

160x60 oil on canvas

About John Terzis

John Terzis was born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1983 and at the age of 9 he moved to Hannover, Germany where he stayed for more than 6 years.
There he came in first contact with Digital Art Prints where he was trained in a digital print workshop.
Then at the age of 17 he moved back to Thessaloniki, where he studied Graphic Design and got his diploma.
Working until now as a Graphic Designer on various different projects for several commercial clients, while creating music and paintings to express himself..